Air Mail Express


Guide for international bulk delivery:

We have gathered some frequent questions and answers for your convenience.

What can be delivered via international mail?

You can send letters, magazines, booklets, commercial documents, postcards, or any type of paperwork that can be considered documentation. You can also deliver small commercial samples, disks, magnetic film, etc. with little or no commercial value. Deliveries with value for customs must include a CN22 form (customs declaration form per export legalities).  
What are the size and weight limits for a delivery?

The weight limit for regular mail (letters, magazines, etc.) is up to 2 kg in all locations and up to 3 kg in France. Packages (M-Bags) are limited to a maximum of 25 kg. The number of packages is unlimited, of course, meaning that if you have 100 kg of commercial paperwork to send to a single recipient, it have be divided into four packages weighing 25 kg each, all delivered to the same recipient.

How should I prepare my deliveries?

It is preferable to sort the mail by countries, but unsorted mail can be delivered as well.

Attach a PP sticker to the right side of the envelope that is available at our offices.

Do you produce stickers and wrappings for the mail?

Of course. Our operations department can receive any type of electronic file, use it to prepare stickers and sort them by destination. We offer additional services as well, including nylon wrapping, paper envelopes, inserts, and manual or mechanized folding (for additional charge, contact our offices for more information).

How does it work from an operational perspective?

All it takes is a single phone call to our offices and we'll take it from there. We'll collect the delivery from the print shop, transport it to our offices, and deliver it to the airport after it has been wrapped, sorted and prepared for distribution via the French La Poste/Asendia postal company.

How does your mail reach different recipients around the world?

Once the mail has been sorted by countries, it is packaged on platforms, in boxes or in mail sacks and sent to the airport to be flown to France. After it is released from French customs, the delivery is sent to the La Poste logistics center and sorted again based on global postal criteria. The envelopes are stamped and delivered via direct flights to their destinations. The mail recipients are local post offices and postal companies that distribute their mail based on the type of service that you selected when ordering.

What are the average delivery times from the day of the flight?

Throughout Europe: 7-9 business days

USA: 9-14 business days

Other countries: 12-19 business days

Can I insure my package?

Yes, all deliveries can be insured at an extra cost.

Do you deliver packages via mail services?

Packages can be delivered provided that they meet the following criteria:

Trackable registered mail – up to 2 g

M-bags – package deliveries without delivery confirmation

A pro forma invoice (for customs declaration purposes) or a CN22 form, available at our offices, must be attached to the delivery

Can I receive a delivery confirmation for a package?

Yes. Registered mail deliveries have an option of tracking the postal item on various sites such as the French post company site or other international sites like Track 17.

How can I be sure that my mail does indeed leave Israel and reach its destination?

Our tracking system tracks all outgoing deliveries from Israel and documents them in Israel to France export documents. The French postal company transports the mail via a logistical system from France to destinations worldwide.

The French postal service performs random sampling of millions of postal items that are flown to different destinations around the world. Results of these samples are delivered to the quality control department at the French postal company.

Are there countries to which you don´t deliver?

All international mail is delivered via France to its final destination as international French mail. La Poste delivers to nearly 220 different destinations - nearly every country in the world.

How do e-commerce and registered mail deliveries work?

These deliveries are channeled differently. Both e-commerce deliveries and registered mail are assigned a bill of lading number that enable both you and your customer to track the package until it reaches its destination.